Henk Blanken (Rotterdam, 1959) is a Dutch author and journalist. He was a reporter with the Volkskrant (1987-2003) and was deputy editor-in-chief at Dagblad van het Noorden. In 2011, after he was diagnozed with Parkinson’s disease, he worked as an investigative reporter. 

His journalistic work has been awarded with Het Gouden Pennetje (the predecessor of the ‘Tegel voor talent’) and the European Health Journalism Prize. With a team from Dagblad van het Noorden and RTV Noord he won the Tegel – the Dutch Pulitzer – for investigative journalism, for the reconstruction of the so-called Facebook riots in Haren, the Netherlands.

He has written poetry, essays and six books, three of which are about journalism (including the Dutch Handbook on Narrative Journalism, written with Wim de Jong). His latest book is Je gaat er niet dood aan (It won’t kill you), a nonfiction novel. An earlier version of that book appeared in 2017 in German translation. 

His books are not yet translated in English. But two essays, both of them based on crucial parts in his latest book, are. Carel’s Head won the European Prize for Health Journalism. My Death Is Not My Own appeared as a Long Read in The Guardian.